Flexible Pricing

How does it work?

Select fixed or flexible elements of your electricity supply contract.

· Choose the delivery point that suits you.

· Choose from our three pricing models: Residual, Hourly Balanced, or Shape.

We offer three core flexible power pricing models: Residual, Hourly Balanced or Shape. We will help you to decide on the option that’s most suited to your business, depending on your profiled consumption, preference for budget certainty and desire for flexibility.

The Flexible Price contract enables you to follow the market and fix or unfix tranches of gas based on current market prices.

As a customer, you buy an amount of gas in units of 500 therms a day. You then have control of that amount – should the market price rise you can sell it back and buy the gas you need in the future when the price may have fallen.

The actual buying and selling is done on your behalf by SE expert team, who provide regular market updates and give you access to the global gas market prices, so you have the knowledge to make the most of the Flexible Price contract.

With SE, gas can be bought using a choice of fixing mechanisms, including:

InterContinental Exchange (ICE) Month-Ahead Index
ICE, First or Last 5-Day Index
ICE End of Day Settlement price
Forward market price
The supply period can be for any duration.
– Manage risk and achieve budget certainty.

– Expertise – a dedicated Account Manager at SE who can assist at anytime

– Knowledge – we are here to help you to get the best out of the energy market with constant daily market intelligence reports containing market prices and exclusive trader analysis,

– Benefit from the use of N2EX prices, which are the most market reflective prices available, meaning less risk and lower costs.

– Transparency – every month you are provided with positioning reports so you know exactly how much you are paying for your gas

– Unlimited opportunity to fix and unfix your volume for an optimised market price.

– Cost effective – the power to purchase gas when the market is favorable, keeping energy expenditure down

– Live Pricing– you can buy the gas you need at the price you want anytime you decide all we do is give advice when to buy

– Secure the best market price available at the time of transaction.

– Unlimited reforecasting to help you to stay within tolerance.

– Trade clip sizes as small as 0.1MW without the usual extra charges.

Key points:
-A flexible contract that allows customers to take advantage of fluctuations in the energy markets
-Specially designed for large energy users
-Follow the market and wait for the best price to fix tranches of gas
-Users can buy in multiples of 500 therms a day
-No limit on the number of price fixes or unfixes – sell when prices are high and buy when they are low as many times as you wish
-Access to live pricing – Normal trading hours are 0900 hours to 1600 hours