MOP Contracts

MOP & DC contracts will help you reduce your energy consumption and costs
The SE team has completed a detailed and thorough tender with all major UK half-hourly (HH) Data Collectors. As a result, we can help you switch HH DC which helps us reduce our customers pricing.

Receiving accurate and timely data of energy usage enables us to better procure, monitor, reduce and manage your energy requirements. Luckily, for businesses that consume more than 100kW, half-hourly (HH) metering is mandatory and data can be remotely accessed on a daily basis by specialist Data Collectors (DC). Additional Meter Operator (MOP) contracts cover the supply of meters, their maintenance and the necessary telecommunications for sending consumption data to your chosen supplier.

Sourcing the right DC and MOP contracts will help you better understand how much energy you are using and when you are using it, so you can reduce consumption and costs. There are over 20 Meter Operators in the UK, all with varying levels of service delivery.

We can fully manage the process to switch to an HH DC on your behalf that will allow you to benefit from timely, quality, daily data. Our chosen DC is highly experienced and has a pedigree in HH metering, managing tens of thousands of sites throughout the UK. Working alongside organisations of all shapes and sizes, they are renowned for delivering fast, accurate and competitively priced consumption data.

How SE can help?
Under the P272, businesses with (AMR) Automatic Meter Reading meters with maximum demand profiles of 05-08 will be switching to the half-hourly (HH) market by 1 April 2017. These organisations need to select an HH MOP and HH DC to cover the additional service costs of meter alterations and maintenance and to record and collect HH data for billing.

Why choose SE?
Our team will help you make the most of your HH MOP and DC contracts; with better data we can proactively identify issues, opportunities and propose cost-saving and efficiency solutions.
We could save you money on your DC fees and MOP contracts.
It can be a hassle for customer to manage multiple sites where as we take that away from you and agree MOP agreements on your behalf.
Obtaining data directly from the collector means you’re not waiting for your supplier to pass it on; this includes critical data for compliance schemes such as ESOS, CCA, CRC and EU ETS.
MOP SE Tenders Team
When you have multiple meters we have more access to give you higher savings as part of our MOP tender. We will review your current arrangements and, if possible, propose alternative options only if it benefits the customer.

Start Energy can offer:

MOP Reviews for your contracts
MOP support for any queries
MOP Contract Tender Management and Consolidation.
We’re well placed to chase any queries and check that your bills are accurate.

We have our own energy management forecasting system which allows you to have a true and accurate management of your energy.

Start Energy has a range of good relationships with MOPs, Data Collectors and suppliers so we can chase any problems and to ensure your customer bills are accurate.