Partner With Start Energy

Partner with Start Energy

Start Energy’s partner channel has been operating since 2011 and has helped businesses of all kind increase their revenue flow.


Most of our partners fall into one of the following three categories:


Consultants and Brokers

Major energy suppliers are partnering with larger and long established brokers and consultants directly, routing smaller parties to trade through them. Our partner channel can offer a route for smaller brokers to the top electricity and gas suppliers.

At Start Energy we support all our Partners as if they were one of our own and therefore it is important that they hold the same values as we do. We take pride in assisting and educating our customers, take the opportunity to learn from them and most of all we listen and act upon their needs. In turn, customers value the work we do here at Start Energy and our mix of procurement offerings and energy services continue to quantify that value in real terms.

Business to Business (B2B) Sellers

We work with affiliates from other sectors, looking to offer an energy services proposition to both new customers and often, an existing client base.
There are different approaches to this depending on the affiliates level of knowledge and experience but can be anything from a referral scheme where Start Energy handle the customer entirely to a sub-broker where the customer is handled by the affiliate and Start Energy are there for support and access to pricing etc.

These schemes enable many different businesses to diversify and create an alternative revenue stream; even if energy isn’t there primary area of expertise. Start Energy has a healthy existing referral channel that includes telecoms providers, facilities management companies and many more. The schemes allow you to do business through Start Energy knowing that we will treat that customer as if they were one of our own, enabling you add value to your existing customer base and generate more income.

Some of our affiliates use this scheme to save the customer money which can then be used to invest through their primary business services.


Membership Organisations

We do a lot of work with member organisations such as local and national start-up support groups which are backed by government funding. These refer their members to us to assist in their cost management. Their members can generate savings and the member organisation benefits through extra income flow and valuable added member benefits.

Member organisations have a responsibility to ensure that the services and products they are recommending to their members are the best possible. That’s why referring their customers to a multi-award winning consultancy is the best option for them.

We treat their members like customers of our own and adhere to our living and breathing core values; Dependability, Morality and Clarity.

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