Business Gas

It’s not just your electricity than can be confusing. Allow us to maximise your savings on all of your bills.

Switching energy suppliers is not as complex as you might think. What you have to remember is that it’s the same gas, same pipes you use no matter which supplier. The only thing that changes is who sends you the bill and how much they charge you for that luxury.

We do all the work for you. This means you can take advantage of great business gas prices whilst enjoying a hassle-free switch of suppliers. With Start Energy you could save money on your gas bill quickly and simply.

Over the years we have built strong relationships with business energy suppliers throughout the UK and Europe. We receive prices from the supplier that would not usually be available on the open, direct, market. This is due to the volumes of energy we manage each year and the level of service that each and every one of our customers receive.

We don’t use pricing books like a ‘broker’ does; we bespoke the price of gas and electricity on the live market.

Due to the volume we deal with, basket deals and other buying frameworks are made accessible to smaller customers that usually would never get the opportunity. Alongside this we also have the facility to offer flexible and portfolio buying options to all sizes of businesses. These options, although uncommon in the open market, can have a huge impact on companies’ energy bills.

A lot of our gas suppliers will provide FREE smart meters to ensure you only pay for what you use. These are usually not available to customers without large upfront costs.

Don’t waste any time! Switch with Start now

The Start Energy Difference

We have achieved a very high and respected status amongst suppliers for how we operate. Our clarity and honesty with all of our customers gives suppliers confidence. The level of expertise in the energy industry is second to none, this makes our dealings a lot easier and makes the customer journey a lot smoother as well.

Better Pricing:

A multitude of Flexible, Fixed and Portfolio buying options. Purchase energy up to 6 years in advance

Energy Reduction:

Market leading monitoring and reduction equipment for all of your energy & water needs. Access to funding to subsidise or cover initial costs.

Expert Knowledge + Advice:

Advice on mandatory & legislative requirements – E.g. ESOS Audits, EPC’s, DEC’s etc.

Time Saving:

Dedicated account manager from the start and throughout the duration of your contract. Align and consolidate contracts.