Carbon is a BIG issue when it comes to energy. More and more businesses are becoming carbon aware and want to reduce their impact on the environment.

Reasons to cut your Carbon 

  1. Customers who are conscious of their environmental impact will only buy from companies who operate with a carbon policy in place
  2. Reducing carbon often directly reduces the energy consumption, therefore, reducing costs
  3. Companies who trade on the stock exchange must report their annual greenhouse gas emissions which you will hear about as companies’ carbon footprint – Charges and fines are payable if certain criteria are not met

How can Start energy help you with Carbon Reduction? 

  • Develop a carbon monitoring and reduction plan
  • Advise on smart high impact carbon reduction that has minimal or no cost to the business
  • Facilitate carbon audits
  • Procure carbon credits and offsetting

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The Start Energy Difference

We have achieved a very high and respected status amongst suppliers for how we operate. Our clarity and honesty with all of our customers gives suppliers confidence. The level of expertise in the energy industry is second to none, this makes our dealings a lot easier and makes the customer journey a lot smoother as well.

Better Pricing:

A multitude of Flexible, Fixed and Portfolio buying options. Purchase energy up to 6 years in advance

Energy Reduction:

Market leading monitoring and reduction equipment for all of your energy & water needs. Access to funding to subsidise or cover initial costs.

Expert Knowledge + Advice:

Advice on mandatory & legislative requirements – E.g. ESOS Audits, EPC’s, DEC’s etc.

Time Saving:

Dedicated account manager from the start and throughout the duration of your contract. Align and consolidate contracts.