We can arrange for a smart meter to be added to your current electricty account for FREE, or if your selected supplier isnt offering this as a value added service we will find another supplier who will fit this for free.

We can arrange for smart meters for NHH electricity, gas and water. In addition to this we can provide monthly data reports or online account access.

The Benefits Of Smart Meters

We provide a range of energy metering (Smart Energy Meters / Smart Electricity Meter) and data collection solutions, all aimed at putting you back in control of your costs.

Commercial Smart Meters

Smart energy meters or smart electricity meters are the next generation of electricity meter. Smart Meters will bring about the end of estimated utility bills and meter readings, and provide customers and energy suppliers with accurate information on the amount of electricity and gas being used. Smart energy meters will empower customers to make choices on how much energy they use. Suppliers will install two-way communication systems that display accurate real-time information on electricity use in the business, both to the consumer and back to the energy supplier.

Electricity supplies with a demand of less than 100kW are not obliged to have half hourly metering equipment installed and are known as non-half hourly (NHH) supplies. The charges for these services are often recovered via the chosen electricity supplier’s bill. However, there is an active and extremely competitive market for smart electricity meter operation services within the UK for both (NHH) and (HH). Many customers, particularity those with multiple sites can achieve significant cost savings and service enhancements by sourcing a national agreement.

If you think smart energy metering will increase your costs, reconsider. Smart energy metering has reduced in price significantly over the last twelve months and the difference between the cost of monthly manual reads and the cost of obtaining remote reads and online half-hourly data has narrowed dramatically.

According to the Carbon Trust, introducing smart energy meters can actually save you money. Last year, they undertook smart energy metering trials and the results showed that smart energy meters, when combined with consumption data and energy-saving advice, gave potential average savings of 12% a year.

In addition, smart energy meters / smart electricity meters enable:

Flexible electricity tariffs that measure consumption over set time periods

Suppliers will be able to differentiate their tariffs and services through offering alternative means of displaying energy consumption – i.e. through mobiles, the internet or via digital TV

Improved accuracy of forecasting energy demand at different times of the day

Conserving energy is important, not only because it saves you money, but because it will have a real impact on the environment

Project Managed Services

We provide a wide range of project managed smart meter solutions from site surveys, sub metering, water meters and standard smart meters. We managed both the pre-install requirments, installation and then provide online data management solutions.

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The Start Energy Difference

We have achieved a very high and respected status amongst suppliers for how we operate. Our clarity and honesty with all of our customers gives suppliers confidence. The level of expertise in the energy industry is second to none, this makes our dealings a lot easier and makes the customer journey a lot smoother as well.

Better Pricing:

A multitude of Flexible, Fixed and Portfolio buying options. Purchase energy up to 6 years in advance

Energy Reduction:

Market leading monitoring and reduction equipment for all of your energy & water needs. Access to funding to subsidise or cover initial costs.

Expert Knowledge + Advice:

Advice on mandatory & legislative requirements – E.g. ESOS Audits, EPC’s, DEC’s etc.

Time Saving:

Dedicated account manager from the start and throughout the duration of your contract. Align and consolidate contracts.