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Just like electricity and gas, the English and Welsh water market is being de-regulated as of April 2017.

What does this mean to you? 

  • You have the option of which water supplier you want to use rather than being dictated by the area you are in
  • You will save money by shopping around and negotiating
  • Prices are expected to come down due to the competition in the market

How will Start Energy help? 

  •  We already have relationships in place with the UK’s water suppliers
  • We will tender water contracts to all the suppliers in a similar manner to our current energy processes – this will ensure you get the best deal possible
  • We have the opportunity to procure these agreements in advance of the de-regulation happening
  • We will show you the savings compared to what you are currently paying

Water Bill Analysis

Start Energy can audit historic water invoices, identify any discrepancies and help negotiate rebates on behalf of our clients.

New Connections

Start Energy have been facilitating new water connections and site alterations for many years. This again is becoming a lot more competitive with the de-regulation.

Scottish Market Deregulation

Since April 2008, water users in Scotland have been able to buy their water from a range of suppliers. Up until that point, all water users were supplied by Scottish Water, which is 100% owned by the Scottish government. Competing Scottish water providers purchase wholesale supplies from Scottish water and then re-sell to end user clients at a margin, bolstered by improved services, such as waste management.

In the same manner as the English and Welsh market, we are already dealing with water procurement and management for many of our Scottish customers.

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The Start Energy Difference

We have achieved a very high and respected status amongst suppliers for how we operate. Our clarity and honesty with all of our customers gives suppliers confidence. The level of expertise in the energy industry is second to none, this makes our dealings a lot easier and makes the customer journey a lot smoother as well.

Better Pricing:

A multitude of Flexible, Fixed and Portfolio buying options. Purchase energy up to 6 years in advance

Energy Reduction:

Market leading monitoring and reduction equipment for all of your energy & water needs. Access to funding to subsidise or cover initial costs.

Expert Knowledge + Advice:

Advice on mandatory & legislative requirements – E.g. ESOS Audits, EPC’s, DEC’s etc.

Time Saving:

Dedicated account manager from the start and throughout the duration of your contract. Align and consolidate contracts.