Start Energy Seeks Recruitment Partner

Start Energy Seeks Recruitment Partner

Start Energy have been recruiting in house throughout 2016 and into 2017.

Due to the level of recruitment needed, both now and in the future, we are now seeking a local recruitment partner.

Start Energy are seeking a partner that has extensive experience in the sales sector and can carry out a high quality of screening on candidates.

All potential partners should be capable of the following:

  • Covering all advertising of the role on relevant job boards etc.
  • Receiving a full CV from all candidates
  • A full screening process of all candidates, which is to include a formal face-to-face interview, prior to recommending an interview with Start Energy
  • Receiving references for all candidates
  • Ensuring all candidates meet the required job specification

Does your company have the capability of meeting the above criteria?

Are you willing to go above and beyond to secure a high level of candidate capable of succeeding in a very difficult industry?

If the answer is yes then please get in touch, with your companies information and why you think we should partner with you, via our email

Please do not contact us via telephone. We will contact you once your expression of interest has been received.

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