Water Deregulation @ Start Energy

Water Deregulation @ Start Energy

Water Deregulation in England is here following the successful deregulation of the Scottish market in 2008.

What does that actually mean?

It means that as of now, businesses in England will be able to shop around and choose who their water supplier is. The same as you already do for your gas and electricity following their deregulation in the 1990’s.

How will this impact me?

Just like your gas and electricity, it means that there will be more room for improving the price of your water supplies due to the choice and improved competition. Unfortunately, it does mean you have to do some shopping around and understand all the other charges.

Why should I use Start Energy for water?

  • We have been providing this service in Scotland since we first started in 2011.

  • We already have relationships with water suppliers both large and small

  • We have an array of buying options so you’re not tied to just one choice

  • We have the expertise to ensure you have the right product for you

  • We will help you reclaim overcharges from your previous supplier



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